Meet the Owners

Andrew Karpiel             Owner of Massage Professionals of Jackson Hole


Valerie Karpiel               Owner of Massage Professionals of Jackson Hole

Valerie Karpiel always knew she wanted to help other people have a better quality of life. This became even more important during COVID, when she saw mental health drop to low levels in her community. After reflecting on her life’s careers, she knew what she wanted to to: become a massage therapist. She graduated at the top of her class, had enriched relationships with her educators, and started a study group for her peers still in school. 

Valerie took a year to learn about the industry before starting her first massage business in Mansfield, TX; Prestige Spa & Wellness. There she used her personal experience and new career experience to help her clients overcome anxiety, stress, and depression. She gave each client the attention they needed before and after each session to discuss stress strategies to improve their upcoming work week. Her clients appreciated this so much that Valerie went on to speak about stress management at local Holistic Festivals. 

In December 2022, Valerie and her VIPs (husband Andrew {owner of MPJH} and 4 dogs) purchased Massage Professionals of Jackson Hole. They moved to their dream state of Wyoming to run the company. In May of 2023, she competed in the Rocky Mountain 5 Massage Championship. This was an amazing opportunity for both personal and business growth, and it was an experience she will never forget. She won the GOLD metal for the state of Wyoming. She took the feedback from the judges seriously and is getting ready to compete again next year.

Valerie knows there is no single approach that works for everyone, so she continues to educate herself on therapies that benefit her clientele.  She has received her Massage Therapy Instructor License and Continuing Education Provider License for the state of Texas. During Wyoming’s off seasons, she travels back to Texas to not only educate therapists but to see her loyal Texas clients. 

Valerie has only been a therapist for a few years and has accomplished so much, which includes serving on the Wyoming AMTA chapter board. Today she operates two businesses: Prestige Spa & Wellness (TX) and Massage Professionals of Jackson Hole (WY) Her Texas company has rebranded to make room to provide continuing education classes for current therapists, a mentorship program for new therapists, and a study group for massage students. While in Wyoming, she is growing and running her company, taking care of her staff, and seeing clients. 

When Valerie isn’t working, you’ll be able to find her outside. She enjoys floating down the river, hiking up the mountain, spending time with her dogs, and gardening.