Massage Testimonials

“My husband and I enjoyed our at-home couples massage.  It was great to have Rochelle and Hamish come over, set up, and massage away our stress.  Staying home  was great as there was no driving afterwards!  I heartily recommend Rochelle.  I have always felt comfortable, cared for, and safe on her table.  She checks in with you, asks for feedback, and is responsive in her methods.  She gives a satisfying massage!”

Marilynn Davis, Jackson WY   www.avalancheandwildmedtraining.com

“My wife and I had a couples massage last week with Rochelle & Hamish  – we loved it.  We prefer a deep tissue sports massage, and they delivered!”

Darin Martens, Jackson WY

“Hamish has an extrodinary gift for finding just the right pressure and applying it with a healing touch.  I felt like a feather afterward, floating above the chaos of life”

Julie Kling, Jackson WY  Teton Spirit Magazine

“Jackson Hole Massage Professionals were just awesome. They come directly over to your house and provide an excellent therapeutic massage. Rochelle chased down my problem areas and really went after them. I’ve had plenty of massages where the technician goes through their normal routine even though you ask for something specific to be worked on. Rochelle listened to my request and helped me get on my way to feeling better after my 3 months in Antarctica. She found things that were sore that I didn’t know about. Thank you!”

Aaron L.
Temecula, CA

“Massage Professionals provided a great massage in the comfort of my rental home in Jackson Hole. It is wonderful to wake up and have a massage without having to go anywhere. There is no better way to feel truly relaxed. The therapists were professional, on-time, skilled and care a lot about meeting your desires. They come right at your desired time and with minimal setup are ready to make you really say…there is no place like home. My husband and I highly recommend this company and can’t wait to go back and schedule for their visit again! Thank you Massage Professionals of Jackson Hole!

Kristy M.
Talent, OR

“Hamish–It was beyond fabulous–my first full massage which allowed me to totally tune out of the world for an hour, and give in to utter relaxation.  I wish you were in business in Minneapolis!!”

Christine P.     Minneapolis, MN

“Our massage experience with you, Rochelle and Amanda was definitely a highlight of our trip. It was a pleasure working with you from start to finish. Thank you for your prompt response to my initial email inquiry and for your cooperation, flexibility and efficiency in accommodating all 9 of us for our at home spa experience!”
Susan D.  Dallas, TX

“What a wonderful wonderful place to receive massage. Rochelle and Hamish are so good! They took me in when I was in extreme pain and Rochelle helped me tremendously! Thank you Rochelle!”

Michael B.  Watervliet, NY

My partner & I are on a 3 week Great Western “Road trip” and were in bad need of a good professional massage.  We check the reviews on Yelp in the Jackson Hole,  Wyoming and Massage Professionals were highly rated. We both booked appointments with Hamish Tear and we both had one of the best massages ever. Hamish knows his business and when leaving, my partner & I both were refreshed and totally chilled out.  I get massages on regular basis as I am physically active (swimming; gym etc) so I know the benefits of this therapy.  You will be very pleased with your massage at Massage Professionals of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. 

Winston L.  Miami Beach, FL

Highly recommended–the deep tissue massage I got released tension throughout my entire body. I have back issues and felt like she was reading my body. It also smells really good and has a great ambience, I got lavender oil!

Sarika K. Spokane, WA