CBD Massage

For many people, signing up for a massage treatment is a great way to treat yourself, unwind, and address any physical concerns or injuries. For people looking to improve their health in even more ways, a CBD massage can be an excellent choice that combines all the benefits of cannabidiol and massage therapy in one deeply relaxing treatment. This can include: speeding up muscle recovery, reducing tension in fascia and soft tissue, reducing pain, relieving headaches, improving digestion, and improving overall quality of sleep. CBD has many physical benefits that you and reap by having it massaged into your skin. It helps: alleviate inflammation, reduce pain, improve blood pressure, improve the health and appearance of skin, aid in muscle recovery, and much more.

Take your CBD massage to the next level and try our 90 minute CBD body wrap for $275

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CBD Massage Pricing

60 min/ 75 min/ 90 min
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Why get a CBD Massage?

By using our CBD oil and cream during a massage therapy treatment, you combine the many health benefits of CBD with the health benefits of massage. CBD massage is gold standard of deep relaxation, deep muscle and fascia release, injury treatment, pain relief, skin hydration, and more. By combining nature’s remedy with skilled massage techniques, CBD massage is a holistic way to heal and treat your body and mind. 

Where does your CBD products come from?

We are proud to use Happy Buddha Hemp, a local Colorado small business. Founder, DJ Petz, has been a professional cannabis grower for over 10 years and has brought his expertise in natural farming methods. All their farmers are certified and are one of the only CBD companies to put such attention to detail and care into their plants. They are proud to grow their plants in pesticide free soil. Their soil has been pesticide free for the past 50 years!

Did you enjoy your CBD massage or tried one of our CBD enhancements? You can now purchase Happy Buddha Hemp products in our Wellness Shop!

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