Jackson Hole Chair Massage

In 2015, the CDC reported employers lost $225.8 billion annually due to employees calling out. Employers face many challenges when a higher volume of workers call in sick too often.

Your employees could be calling out because:

  • They are overworked without adequate breaks and days Off

  • They have low job satisfaction

  • They are facing hostile work environments

  • They have untreated mental illnesses

  • They are facing burnout, stress, and low morale

We offer a corporate on-site massage program to provide your employees stress management in the workplace. This provides happier, healthier, and more productive employees.

A massage event is way to thank the team and acknowledge them their hard work. It’s also a great way to boost morale, energy, creativity, and productivity. It benefits each member of the team and the company overall. It’s a Win-Win!

It is also a great addition to a family gathering! We have already been a part of the Wort Hotel, Teton School District, St. John’s, and a few family parties celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, or just because! We make it easy to bring chair massage services to a company or family event. We arrive about 15 minutes early to set up our supplies and equipment, we simply need a small space for us to work.


  • Most convenient method of massage therapy.

  • Lasts 10-15 minutes with no oils or lotions; fully clothed


  • COMPANY SPONSORED = company pays 100%

  • CO-PAY = company and individual employee pay for their chair massage

  • EMPLOYEE SPONSORED = employees pay for their chair massage

To Schedule your Massage
Call or Text  (307) 413-1961

Corporate Chair Massage Pricing

Price (Per therapist / Chair)
2 Hour (minimum) $280
3 Hours $420
4 Hours $560

* Travel Fee applies


What Should I Wear?

Our chair massages are fully clothed. Whatever you are wearing will work just fine. It is best if bulky over-clothes are removed for the chair massage.

What Does it Cost?

Chair massage is either paid for in advance by the sponsor of an event  (please see pricing’).

How Long Does Chair Massage Last?

10-15 minutes is our normal recommended time. Of course – you can go for as long as you like. AT events – it is better to be considerate of others who are waiting.

What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

Sponsor-Paid Massage (Weddings, events, openings etc.) may cancel up to 24 hours before an event. After that, a 100% cancellation fee will be applied.

To Schedule your Massage
Call or Text  (307) 413-1961