Jackson Hole Swedish Massage


A Swedish massage is a massage style that combines different hand movements, arm strokes with elbow and knuckle kneading, to the muscles, fascia and skin of the body. The goal is to break muscle knots, and provide stress relief through mental and physical relaxation. Swedish massage is based on Western understanding of physiology and anatomy. At a spa, a licensed massage therapist usually does 60-minute or 90 minute Swedish massage sessions; the session covers the entire body. A typical Swedish massage session starts with warming up the client under the drapes or covers, and then proceeds to the application of massage oil on the client’s skin. Massage oil creates lubrication and warmth, which helps with relaxation. By creating warmth and encouraging blood flow, Swedish massage delivers oxygen to stressed areas, which in turn helps with the healing process of damaged tissues or muscle cells.

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Swedish Massage Pricing

1 Hour { Out-Call* / Office } $150* / $135
1 1/2 Hours { Out-Call* / Office } $220* / $200

* In-Home Travel Fees  (Per therapist, not per massage)

Town of Jackson an additional fee of $35 applies.                                                                                                  Anywhere outside the town of Jackson an additional $55 applies.


What Should I Expect in a Swedish Massage?

The speed and strength of various strokes, and the depth of pressure, applied by a massage therapist in a Swedish massage can vary greatly depending on the therapist’s skills and experience, and on what kind of problems and muscle knots are found in the client’s body. A good Swedish massage helps with certain physical conditions, such as muscle pain or joint stiffness. There are five basic stroke styles in a Swedish massage which are used interchangeably to create the desired effect.

How did Swedish Massage get Started?

The Swedish massage is believed to have been developed by a Swedish fencing master and phsyiologist named Per Henrik Ling, who lived between 1776 and 1839. However, this claim is disputed by Robert Noah Calvert, who claims that the Swedish massage system can instead be attributed to Dutch practitioner Johann Georg Mezger. Mezger is credited as the first person to adopt the French names that are associated with the five basic stroke styles of Swedish massage.

To Schedule your Massage
Call or Text  (307) 413-1961

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