Ballooning in Jackson Hole

Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride over the Mighty Tetons

Up, up and away in a beautiful Jackson Hole balloon – isn’t that how the song goes? Ballooning in Jackson Hole is one of the must-do’s in the Tetons – for those who feel like getting up in the wee small hours – and have about $300 per person to spend for about an hour in the air. Still – there’s a champagne (Mimosa) breakfast for those who are, literally, on vacation. Summer vacation – that is.

As if being a Massage Professional in Jackson Hole isn’t enough, our very own Rochelle Ganoe got up at 4am yesterday (heretofore, there was no such time as 4am) and went ‘Balloon Chasing’ – that is – she was part of a crew of people who ‘chase’ the balloon to wherever it lands, and then help to put the whole shebang back on the truck and the customers into a van.

Imagine watching the sunrise over Blacktail Butte as the sun’s rays illuminate the Grand Tetons at the start of a new day. Hot air ballooning is always an amazing experience, but the views in the Jackson Hole region are truly breathtaking. Whether you’re planning a drive through Grand Teton National Park, whitewater rafting on the Snake River, or a shopping excursion in the town of Jackson, hot air ballooning is a peaceful way to start your day in Jackson Hole.  Also known as Hot Air Ballooning, it’s a spectacularly colorful event – yards and yards of brightly-colored fabric fill with air and take off into the still morning skies above the Tetons.

The following companies offer Ballooning in Jackson Hole: Elevated Ballooning, Teton Balloon Flights, Wyoming Balloon Company.