On Site Chair Massage

Jackson Hole Chair Massage On Site for Staff and Customer Well-Being

Chair massage at a party

Massage Professionals of Jackson Hole is excited to offer ON-SITE CHAIR MASSAGE for events, staff parties and customer appreciation. Chair Massage is a creative, fun and effective way to show that you care. Healthy, positive and rewarding results are felt immediately with our chair massage program, boosting both customer and employee loyalty.

In work-places and business offices, this service, greatly reduces many of the stress-related
effects of today’s fast-paced work environment and ‘computer-sitting’ for long periods of time.

Event Planners – appreciate this additional and unique service at weddings.

At Grand Openings our chair massage brings that extra flair to help with the festive mood.

For customer appreciation, we will set up in hotel lobbies, stores, showrooms to show that you care the very best for your customers.