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Massage Professionals of Jackson Hole is dedicated to keeping a weekly Massage Blog. ¬†Authored ¬†by T. Hamish Tear, one of the principals of the company, this massage blog covers many different subjects. Advice on writing blog posts suggests that the wording should be in there to both attract readers and search engine ‘bots’ that continually analyze and monitor new posts for relevant content. This can be a tricky thing to do. ‘Always write to your audience’, says Shannon at Skyefire Studio (the company who built this WordPress web site). And yet others say that nobody reads your blog so what you’re really doing is trying to appease the search engine robots by including the correct keyword terms, relevant to a specific Focus Keyword phrase.

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And yet others would advise that, as we are a massage company, all of my posts should be about massage or other health-related issues – perhaps recipes or great yoga moves – whilst others say that many more people are looking for keyword search terms like ‘Jackson Hole’ or ‘Yellowstone’ and that therefore this Jackson Hole blog should read more like a tourism journal – a resource, providing information and facts about the Jackson Hole / Greater Yellowstone Region. All of the posts are now set up against the SEO tool – Yoast – which helps to make sure that the relevant keyword search terms are included in the correct places and in the correct number of times – given the number of words on each page.

SO basically I just write what I want to – and I include the words: Jackson Hole, Yellowstone, Massage, Massage Professionals of Jackson Hole, and so many more – as often as I wish to – and therefore if I’m careful I can really write about anything I wish – which is what I intend to do.