COVID-19 Protocols


This is an unprecedented time we are living in. Getting a session will be different for a while, and that is to keep both the client and the therapist safe and healthy.

PLEASE read to the end.  The requirements for you as a client are NON-NEGOTIABLE.  If you have any issues please let us know and we can discuss. 

Some of these things may seem excessive and possibly extreme.  Maybe they are.  But our goal is to keep everyone as safe as humanely possible, and we would rather do too much than do too little.

We are being very cautious.  No one really knows what this virus is all about; is it not as bad as we think or is it worse?  Here in WY (and especially Teton County) it’s not that bad, but will it still be once the tourist start coming in mass?  All prediction models expect a bigger second wave of infections; will it hit us badly or not?  Honestly, it’s hard to know exactly what to believe since there is SO much conflicting information.  You can find pages and pages of information from varied sources to support all viewpoints.   We would rather err on the side of caution because our goal is to keep all of you safe and DO NO HARM.  

There is always going to be some risk, even with all the precautions.  Catching the virus is about exposure AND time, and we are in each other’s’ space for 60-90 minutes.  Yes, we are presumably both healthy, but it has been proven that many people are asymptomatic or sick but not yet showing symptoms.  Being in a room with one another for that long brings about much more risk than the checkout at the grocery store or picking up to-go food, which tends to be 5 min or less.

Our goal is to attempt to mitigate all risk factors as much as possible.  Each thing by itself may not be perfect, but when combined with multiple procedures, the synergistic effect proves to be very effective.

These procedures are not ideal, but please know that they will not last forever. The more we do today to limit the spread the sooner we can actually get back to “normal”.

Thank you for your support during this time.

Changes that Massage Professionals are implementing:

We are explaining these protocols to make sure clients feel comfortable coming in. If you do not feel safe, just know that we will be here for you once you do.

We will not be performing outcall massages (mobile) for an undetermined amount of time.

Added a HEPA air filter in each treatment room to clean the air. 

A clean blanket will be used for each person in addition to the regular clean sheets.

Fleece cover for face cradle will be removed in order for all surfaces to be wiped down in between each client.

Every possible surface in and around office cleaned after each client, with a detailed clean at the end of the day.  Cloth surfaces have been removed in order to be able to wipe everything.  

Therapist will be wearing a clean shirt for each client.

We will take your temperature with a touchless thermometer.

Appointments will have more time in between to allow more time for added cleaning and limiting sessions per day.  We will be much stricter on sessions beginning/ending on time.

As always, therapists will wash their hands before and after each client so gloves will not be worn during our sessions.  

No intraoral work (work inside the mouth) until further notice.

Things we will require of you:

If you are immune compromised (or live with someone who is) but would still like a session PLEASE LET US KNOW!  We are hoping to save first appointments each day for people who need a cleaner environment

Please DO NOT COME EARLY for your appointment.  If you arrive early, please wait in your car until 10 min before your appointment time.  We need to have plenty of time to clean everything and also have a few minutes to let the air settle before someone new comes in. We would like to not have you waiting in the waiting room if we can avoid it.  We request that you attend your session alone.  If you must bring someone with you, we request that they remain outside or in the vehicle.

Please come straight from your home with clean clothes on.  Please DO NOT run errands or go to a crowded store before you come to the office.  If you do, please have a clean set of clothes you change into IN YOUR CAR before you come into the office.

If you are sick, or suspect you might be getting sick, OF ANY TYPE Please do not come in.  Same goes for if anyone in your household or anyone you are in close contact with is or feels even slightly sick, even if it NOT COVID. 

If you have been diagnosed with COVID-19, but are recovered, we ask that you wait until 30 days after you are symptom free before you get a massage. 

Every client needs to be wearing a mask during their session.  And the mask stays on for the entire session.  If you do not have one, we will provide one.  {You can take your mask off while you are face down.}

Please come in wearing your mask and wear it after the session while we chat/pay/reschedule

You wear a mask to protect me, and we wear a mask to protect you.  Hopefully no one who comes in is sick, but the reality is that many people are asymptomatic or haven’t yet developed symptoms.  Our concern is not just for us, we are also thinking of the next person who is in the office (or someone the next day) that catches it from a therapist and then goes to their home or job and infects others.

Lastly, be aware that if someone who has been in our office develops COVID-19 symptoms, we will have to close at a moments’ notice and quarantine everyone for at least 2 weeks. That means all clients in the next 2 weeks (at least) will be cancelled and all the clients who have been in the office in the past week will get a phone call from us to be informed.

If you develop any symptoms and have been in our office in the past two weeks – please notify us as soon as possible. This is VERY IMPORTANT to help stop the spread.

Before you come into the office:

A screening procedure will be done over the phone or email.

You will complete a new intake form relating to COVID-19 before EVERY massage.

For form, click here.

When you come into the office:

Before entering our office, please immediately go to the bathroom and wash your hands.

If you are not already wearing a mask, one will be provided for you before we enter the massage space.