Chair Massage – A Unique Offering For Staff and Customers

Massage Professionals of Jackson Hole is excited to offer ON-SITE CHAIR MASSAGE for events, staff parties and customer appreciation. Chair Massage is a creative, fun and effective way to show that you care. Healthy, positive and rewarding results are felt immediately with our chair massage program, boosting both customer and employee loyalty.

Relaxing chair massage

Chair massage at a party

*In work-places and business offices, this service, greatly reduces many of the stress-related
effects of today’s fast-paced work environment and ‘computer-sitting’ for long periods of time.

*Event Planners – appreciate this additional and unique service at weddings.

* At Grand Openings our chair massage brings that extra flair to help with the festive mood.

*For customer appreciation, we will set up in hotel lobbies, stores, showrooms  to show the very best of
customer appreciation.

Chair Massage Takes The Stress Out Of Business

Whether it’s monthly, weekly, or even daily, creating a massage wellness program for your office comes with a lot of benefits—both for you and for your employees. Chair massage lowers stress, boosts productivity, and improves morale. Or we will bring chair massage to company events and parties.

Corporate chair massage is easy. Just call us up and tell us what you need. We’ll help create a manageable, affordable chair massage program for your office and, more importantly, send your employees home with smiles on their faces.

So whether you’re looking for regularly scheduled on site massage to add to your company’s benefits package or the perfect reward or incentive, Massage Professionals of Jackson Hole can build an on-site massage program for you that’s affordable and worthwhile.

Chair Massage – Perfect for Weddings and Parties.

Bringing massage to your private event can turn a great evening into an unforgettable one.

That’s because massages at private events show a level of sophistication and attention to detail that your guests won’t easily forget. From small gatherings to bachelorette parties, whether you’re just mingling with friends or impressing a business client, we’ll cater to whatever your event is, so you can relax and enjoy yourself.

Don’t worry about the size of your venue or the number of guests attending. We’ll work with your to create a private event that exceeds expectations no matter where you host it or who attends.

Chair Massage – Make Your Grand Opening Really ‘Grand’

When opening a new business it’s important to stand out from the crowd. Offering  Chair Massage shows that you care and offers something out-of-the-ordinary. Besides – why not let your new customers de-stress while they check out your new business. They’ll remember you for it.

Chair Massage – How Better to Appreciate Your Customers?

Let us set up chair massage in your hotel lobby, retail store, grocery outlet, showroom, reception area or other place of business where your customers frequent. People just love to sit down and have a free 15-minute Chair Massage – and they’ll come back. It’s just so much easier to work with customers who are relaxed – especially when you provided that relaxation.

Chair Massage – How Much Does It Cost?

Sponsored Chair Massage:  $100.00 / Hour for one massage therapist with chair.Non-Sponsored Chair Massage: $2.00 / Minute – Usually 15 minute minimum.

Please contact us to discuss frequency and regular visit discounts.

Chair Massage – Testimonials

“Massage Professionals of Jackson Hole provided chair massage to Wort Hotel staff at our annual year-end staff appreciation party. Hamish and Rochelle were professional at all times, a joy to work with – and, most of all, our staff loved the attention. I would highly recommend their chair massage services.”

Christie Reinhart, Manager, Wort Hotel.

Chair Massage FAQ

What Should I Wear?

Our chair massages are fully clothed. Whatever you are wearing will work just fine. It is best if bulky over-clothes are removed for the chair massage.

What Does it Cost?

Chair massage is either paid for in advance by the sponsor of an event  (Please see ‘pricing’) or, if customers are paying – it costs $2 / minute. Gratuities are appreciated.

How Long Does  Chair Massage Last?

15 – 20 minutes is our normal recommended time. Of course – you can go for as long as you like. AT events – it is better to be considerate of others who are waiting.

How Do I Pay?

For individuals – cash is preferred, and we do take credit cards. For Businesses – we accept checks, bank transfers, etc.

Should I tip My Therapist?

Tip if you wish to. Our therapists love feeling appreciated for a job well done.

Where do Chair Massages Happen?

We can set up wherever your company can squeeze us in – however, somewhere ‘Away from the madding crowd’ is best – a little peace and quiet in a non-draughty area is best for de-stressing.

What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

Sponsor-Paid Massage (Weddings, events, openings etc.) may cancel up to 48 hours before an event. After that, a 50% cancellation fee will be applied.

Chair Massage – Policies

Our policies will be delivered at time of contracting services on a per-case basis.