Jackson Hole Film Festival

Jackson Hole Film Festival


The Jackson Hole Film Festival coincides with the Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival, as described in my previous Massage Professionals of Jackson Hole post. That’s perhaps a shrewd move on the part of Frank Londy, the owner / creator of the Jackson Hole Film Festival – and why it’s really called Frank’s Fall Film Festival. The crowds in Jackson at the time of the Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival are huge and it makes total sense to have a festival of fine, artistic, thoughtful, slightly different films playing for ten days when the evenings are getting darker and colder. Mind you, this fall of 2014 has been stunningly gorgeous here in the Tetons – and I have to say that sometimes it’s hard to be sitting in a movie when the weather outside is so beautiful. On the other hand, chasing the fall colors around Jackson Hole is a favorite pastime of many – so there are even more visitors here to populate the film shows.


But if you want to see a movie – better hurry because it ends on September 18th. The movies left to show are ‘The Trip to Italy’, ‘Calvary’, ‘Boyhood’, and ‘The Immigrant’. So far, I’ve only seen three – and I don’t have a favorite because ‘A Most Wanted Man’, with Philip Seymour Hoffman, and ‘Boyhood’ impressed me equally. I was sorry to have missed the one about the life of Roger Ebert – well-known movie critic. It’s interesting to note the two posthumous movies – Philip Seymour Hoffman and Roger Ebert.


The Jackson Hole Film Festival is now in its 24th. year and they’re Frank Londy’s personal picks. Jackson Hole News and Guide reports: ‘The brainchild of Jackson Hole Cinemas owner Frank Londy says, ‘The festival gives Jackson moviegoers a break from the Hollywood blockbusters that usually light up movie screens in Jackson. “It’s a modest event, but I really love doing it,” Londy said. “People seem to love it. I get stopped on the street by people asking about it.” Heading into its 24th year, the festival screens independent films in a variety of genres. Sifting through dramas, comedies, thrillers, documentaries and any other category, Londy personally selects the festival’s movies. But he always keeps the Jackson audience in mind.’


Many of the movies in the Jackson Hole Film Festival are documentary in style – others give a deeper look into the quirks of life of ordinary people. Some stories are ‘cute’, some fun, some disturbing, most artistic – but all are a bit more thoughtful – dare I say ‘deep’ than the run-of-the-mill movies usually seen at Jackson Hole Cinemas (Londy’s company).

The movies are all being shown at the Tim Cinemas on Pearl Street in Jackson – there are matinees and evening shows – better get a schedule to figure out which one is right for you.

See you at the (Jackson Hole) Movies.

Be well,

Hamish and Rochelle