Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival

Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival

It happens every fall – the Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival kicked off last Friday with the customary ‘Palates and Palettes’ walk-around of Jackson Hole’s art galleries. And it’s the 30th year of the Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival! Collaborating with local restaurants, the galleries put on a spread from finger sandwiches to slices of pizza to gourmet chocolates – all accompanied, of course, by wine and other beverages. It’s a great night for locals and visitors alike – free food!


But seriously, it’s a community event that happens alongside Old Bill’s Fun Run and really amps-up the start of a fall celebration in Jackson Hole. The Palates and Palettes is designed to bring attention to the 11-day Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival. People, and especially art collectors, come from all over the country for this extravaganza of fine art. Only in Jackson Hole is there collective audience enough to justify putting so many resources into the display of art. Some 30 art galleries take part in the opening night and the rest of the festival.


Jackson’s Snake River Grill teams up with neighboring art gallery – RARE – owned by Rick and Holly Armstrong. There, they will be displaying Rick’s own photography, along with other featured artists like Pat Flynn, Patricia Griffin, Dan Burgette and Janell James. And that’s just one example out of about 30. Smaller art galleries simply provide their own catering.


There will be many visitors to Jackson who don’t even realize that the Jackson Hole Fall ¬†Arts Festival is on…and they’re in for a treat. It’s party time in Jackson Hole- the early fall weather is upon us and gorgeous, with cool, sunny days, changing leaves and colorful sun angles.Aside from Old Bill’s Fun Run, the Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival is also enhanced by Frank’s Fall Film Festival (more about that in my next post), and the Western Design Conference – featuring fashions, furniture, housewares and, yes, art – with a flair for Western Design. More than 130 artists and exhibitors come to Jackson Hole to set up vendor and display tents in the Snow King Sports and Event Center. Be prepared to see metalwork, leather, woodworking, jewelry, accents and fashion.


These fall activities ensure that Jackson’s summer season doesn’t wane too soon as off-season months are already long enough. Leaf-watching is another crowd-bringing attraction all of its own – especially good in the region surrounding Jackson Hole. We at Massage Professionals of Jackson hole very much appreciate the additional massage business brought by the extended summer season. So come on out and visit the Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival it’s a local celebratory occasion, coupled with others – and just a fabulous time to visit Jackson Hole.


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Hamish and Rochelle.