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Jackson Hole News and Guide

Fourteen years ago, about a year before I moved to Jackson Hole, I subscribed to the Jackson Hole News .  By the time I had moved to Jackson, the Jackson Hole News merged with The Jackson Hole Guide to become one: The Jackson Hole News and Guide.  This small-town newspaper was out of its league in quality – certainly compared to The Vail Trail – Vail’s weekly newspaper at the time.

Consistently, over the thirteen years I have lived here, the Jackson Hole News and Guide has won various awards and accolades – for photography, mostly under chief photographer, Bradley Boner and Photographer, Price Chambers; and coverage of small town stories – top of the class for newspapers of this size. Of course, Editor Angus M. Theurmer was editor, along with Tom Dewell, for all of this time and was largely responsible for the content and much of the praise.

Specifically, the Jackson Hole News and Guide has been honored by the Wyoming Press Association with fourteen Pacemaker Awards for excellence in such categories as reporting, advertising, design and web presence – and the newspaper has also won six first-place awards in its circulation class. For five years in a row, the Jackson Hole News and Guide has won the award of Wyoming’s best large weekly paper. Not Bad.

Unlike many newspapers that have either gone away completely, or become so small as to be a shadow of their previous size – the Jackson Hole News and Guide has continued to be a weighty tome. The Owner / Publisher of the newspaper is Kevin Olson (Having been the Chief Operating Officer of the newspaper, he purchased it from Michael Sellett in January of this year) and Teton Media Works is his new company – additionally publishing The Jackson Hole Daily and Teton Homes and Living Magazine.

Visitors to Jackson Hole, who wish to dig deeper than the usual tourist activities, would do well to purchase the News and Guide as it is thick with interesting information about the goings-on of Teton Valley, Wyoming. Advertisers abound in there – and we at Massage Professionals of Jackson Hole, advertise in this paper and the Jackson Hole Daily from time to time. it’s good to be seen.

I always look forward to Wednesday coming around when it’s nice to get a fresh edition of the Jackson Hole News and Guide straight off the press.

Be well,


Hamish and Rochelle.