Writing a Blog for your Massage Business

If you have been reading this massage blog, it has taken quite a few changes in direction, different headers, headline styles, and formats. That’s OK – a startup business has to be flexible and you have to be able to change quickly in order to respond to what is working and what is not – and what just feels good (like a good massage). I think I have finally arrived at an acceptable theme. It’s uncluttered and to the point. The blog keeps the same name as the business: Massage Professionals of Jackson Hole – issue ? And then the subject headline of whatever massage or non-massage related writing I wish to write about.

You may also remember that the main subject of the blog is starting up a mobile massage business in Jackson Hole. Simple enough concept – but there are many details. One of the necessary things to cross of your list every week is WRITING A BLOG – Why? Because it is attached to your web site (another necessity if you’re going to succeed in the massage business) – and ‘content-rich’ text is needed for the internet search engine spiders (web crawlers), that absolutely guzzle themselves on text that is written about the very subject your web site is about. Why do you think the word ‘massage’, and the words, ‘Jackson Hole’, along with ‘mobile massage’ and ‘in-home massage’ appear so often in these posts?

Are people really going to read this blog? Well, no. It’s not the Huffington Post. Or – a few readers (like you) might just come across it by accident. The main ‘readers’ of your blog are the search engine spiders. What do they do with it? They decide that your web site is absolutely and very definitely legitimate and will provide searching customers with what they are looking for. After all, if somebody is searching for ‘Massage, Jackson Hole’, Then if I write those words a few times in the blog – those words enhance my web site text and the spiders pick up on that. They give high marks for content-rich text and then your site gets bumped-up on the Google results pages. (And other search engines – but who really cares about them?)

On the business front, the blog-writing is just one task of many. The other work I must do is to continue working at Spring Creek Ranch to not only bring in valuable Dollars that off-set the costs of starting our own massage business – and keep up my skills and my confidence. Confidence in your massage technique and effectiveness is extremely important to your life as a massage therapist – and is the subject I’ll be covering in next week’s Massage Professionals of Jackson Hole Blog – Issue No. 8