Ballooning in Jackson Hole

Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride over the Mighty Tetons

Up, up and away in a beautiful Jackson Hole balloon – isn’t that how the song goes? Ballooning in Jackson Hole is one of the must-do’s in the Tetons – for those who feel like getting up in the wee small hours – and have about $300 per person to spend for about an hour in the air. Still – there’s a champagne (Mimosa) breakfast for those who are, literally, on vacation. Summer vacation – that is.

As if being a Massage Professional in Jackson Hole isn’t enough, our very own Rochelle Ganoe got up at 4am yesterday (heretofore, there was no such time as 4am) and went ‘Balloon Chasing’ – that is – she was part of a crew of people who ‘chase’ the balloon to wherever it lands, and then help to put the whole shebang back on the truck and the customers into a van.

Imagine watching the sunrise over Blacktail Butte as the sun’s rays illuminate the Grand Tetons at the start of a new day. Hot air ballooning is always an amazing experience, but the views in the Jackson Hole region are truly breathtaking. Whether you’re planning a drive through Grand Teton National Park, whitewater rafting on the Snake River, or a shopping excursion in the town of Jackson, hot air ballooning is a peaceful way to start your day in Jackson Hole.  Also known as Hot Air Ballooning, it’s a spectacularly colorful event – yards and yards of brightly-colored fabric fill with air and take off into the still morning skies above the Tetons.

The following companies offer Ballooning in Jackson Hole: Elevated Ballooning, Teton Balloon Flights, Wyoming Balloon Company.

Fitness and Wellness

Fitness and Wellness

Let’s face it – the ultimate key to happiness is your level of fitness and wellness. Fitness is the essence of life, wellness allows you to get on with things.  There’s absolutely no point in having a lot of ‘stuff’ if you don’t have fitness and wellness. Money won’t buy you those things. Fit and well are kind of the same thing. You can’t really be one without the other.


Here are my thoughts on 3 Keys to Fitness and Wellness.  I consider myself to be fit and well – and always have. The three key areas to fitness are: 1) Aerobic exercise, 2) Careful, nutritious diet,  3) A mental vision of your fit and well self. My inspiration to write this post is that I have been unwell for a few weeks now – and it is highly unusual for me to be sick – ever. So there’s one other key I would add to the above – personal hygiene and cautions around others who are unwell. Oh – and living


schedule massage

Schedule Massage

Schedule a massage

in a place like Jackson Hole – or any other Rocky Mountain resort town goes a long way to fitness and wellness.  But, without being a Nazi about it (some fitness fanatics can be rather boring with their relentless fitness discipline and I believe it’s OK to not take yourself too seriously), if you get regular exercise (a good workout routine in a gymnasium is good or at least a long walk), it starts to become part of your expectations as an every-day event. Exercising regularly feels so good that you begin to crave it – and that’s a good thing – fitness is addictive. Similarly, eating well begins to feel so good that other foods lacking in nutritional quality really lose their appeal. I start to notice in a day or two if I haven’t had a good, fresh salad recently – and boy does it feel satisfying to munch into a good, fresh salad with crispy lettuce leaves and veggies. I feel ‘lucky’ to crave the habits of well-being and fitness – but luck has nothing to do with it – this is the way I have planned my life and as I get older I have less and less tolerance for poor diet and exercise. Oh – and did I mention chocolate? And cookies? And wine? Like I mentioned above – there’s no need to be a Nazi about it – I enjoy wine with dinner almost every evening and a piece of chocolate or two for dessert. And sometimes – just sometimes – it feels good to have a day of rest – especially if you’ve been ramping-up your exercise routines. Oh – and did I mention massage? Visit your friendly massage professional on a regular basis – and, heck, just becoming a massage

Holistic Health for Jackson Hole

therapist in Jackson Hole has completed the fitness and wellness circle for me even more.  The mental part of it follows naturally. You begin to feel GREAT!  Then you become that and it feels even better – and a cycle starts…you feel better because you eat well and keep up your fitness – so you do those things more – so your mental state gets better – and everything feeds everything else. It can be hard to get started. I’m not a nutritionist, but generally lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, uncooked and unprocessed foods are best. Low fat is crucial (but not ‘no’ fat) and I prefer not to eat meat for reasons that go beyond diet and involve factory farming.

When you keep fit, your body will crave certain nutrients – listen to your body and it will come to you what will be the ‘right’ thing to eat to make up those nutrients. Another thing…don’t overeat! Enough is enough. If you are satiated – don’t eat any more just because it tastes good or is on your plate. Eat what you need. It’s best to ‘graze’ slowly through the day than eat large meals. For breakfast, try a healthy multi-grain toast with natural peanut butter (contents: 100% peanuts) and slices of banana – with tea. Lunch is a great time to eat salad with lettuce, spinach, sliced, pickled beets, garbanzo beans (for protein), Sunflower seeds, raisins, broccoli florets, red pepper, avocado and sprinkled with goat cheese. A great dinner to finish off the day would be grilled salmon with lemon juice, lemon-pepper seasoning and butter. Accompany that with a baked sweet potato and some scalded asparagus spears….yum!

Be well, Hamish and Rochelle.

Elk of Jackson Hole

Elk of Jackson Hole


There’s a lot happening to the Elk of Jackson Hole right now from the Jackson Hole National Elk Refuge…the northward migration is under way. The Elk of Jackson Hole move north in order to spend the summer high in the Tetons, The grass in the high Teton Mountains is green for about three months of summer. It’s as exciting to me as watching the Elk of Jackson Hole in rut during September and October.


Other news concerning the Elk of Jackson Hole is this bulletin from the National Elk Refuge.

Spring Elk and Bison Migration
The last day of supplemental feeding for the year was 4/1/14. Elk of Jackson Hole numbers have fluctuated since that time but have remained high until recent days.  On 4/19/14 there were still approximately 5,000 elk on the south end of the refuge, but a large movement occurred across the Gros Ventre River and Kelly Road over the weekend, and by 4/21/14 there were only 1,300 elk of Jackson Hole on the south end of NER.  This is typical migration timing for elk that winter on NER and is consistent with the snow melt and green up patterns that we are experiencing this Spring.
Bison numbers on the south end of the refuge have ranged from 425-650 since the end of supplemental feeding.  Most of this variation has been due to bison moving back and forth from the north end of NER where they are difficult to observe.  Bison do not appear to have left the refuge in large numbers yet.
And in other news…, also from the National Elk Refuge: GPS collar data shows that peak spring elk of Jackson Hole movements occur during the second and third weeks of April. This season was no exception. On Saturday, April 19, roughly 5,000 elk remained on the south end of the Refuge. Elk numbers dropped significantly during the remainder of the weekend as large numbers of animals migrated off the Refuge, with many elk moving to the sagebrush flats just north of the Gros Ventre River and south of the Jackson Hole Airport. By April 21, the number of elk remaining on the Refuge had dropped to 1,300 animals.
So there you are – if you ever wanted to know anything about the Elk of Jackson Hole – but were afraid to ask.
Be well,
Hamish and Rochelle
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Jackson Hole Activities

Jackson Hole Activities

Image of sign showing Jackson Hole Activities

Posts from Massage Professionals of Jackson Hole now include Jackson Hole Activities. Occasionally moving away from typical massage-based blog posts, I am continuing with a Jackson Hole Activities theme. And this week, it’s one of the favorite Jackson Hole Activities. But don’t let that stop you – visitors to Jackson Hole can have a hoot with this one too. Yes, visitors to Jackson Hole can become a ‘Howdy-for-A-Day’ and volunteer with local business people (members of the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce) for a day of welcoming people to ‘The Hole’.


The Howdy Pardner Ambassador Club hosts the Airport Welcome program on weekends during ski season at the Jackson Hole Airport. It’s one of the most popular Jackson Hole Activities. Look for the cowboy hats and stop by to say, “Howdy!” The volunteers will share orange juice and mimosas with arriving visitors. They will also answer questions about Jackson Hole. 


The Howdy Pardners Ambassador Club, founded in 1977, is the hospitality arm of the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce. Dressed like the cowboys and cowgirls who settled this valley in the early 1900’s, the Howdy Pardners roll out the red carpet at the Jackson Hole Airport. They greet visitors with mimosas, orange juice and hatpins. And that’s just one of the many Jackson Hole Activities.

But that’s not all they do: The Howdy Pardners Ambassador Club spreads good will and community spirit within the Jackson Hole area. Howdy Pardner volunteers are folks working in our area that donate their time to perform various activities, such as:

Image Showing Jackson Hole Activities.4

  • Meet and greet arriving visitors at the Jackson Hole Airport each winter with welcoming free “mimosas” for adults and orange juice for the kids. 
  • Sponsor the much anticipated “Jackson Hole 4th of July Parade”.
  • Host the Elk Fest Chili Cook-Off in early May.
  • Sponsor “Pinky Painting” in the Park for children at the annual “The Taste of the Tetons” during the Fall Arts Festival.
  • Hhelp showcase new businesses in Jackson by performing ribbon cutting ceremonies and participating in business community mixers. 
  • Howdy Pardners are easily recognized by their signature uniforms of jeans, red shirts or khaki shirts with the “Howdy Pardners” logo on the arm. They also wear a vest and cowboy hats.


Be well,

Hamish and Rochelle.

Walking for Health

Walking for Health

Walking is the most beneficial, easily-achieved, low-impact activity you can do to improve and maintain your health. Being massage professionals in Jackson Hole, it is part of my goal as a blog-writer to give my opinions on health-related matters.


Walking at 89

I was speaking with my father recently – he’s 89 and still doing very well indeed – both mentally and physically. He attributes the physical part of it to walking on a daily basis – and we’re talking about three to four miles. Although he was both a boxer and a rugby player for Scotland’s University of Glasgow – he gave those sports up in his 30’s – and took to walking ever since. Having an active Labrador dog (her name was ‘Eilidh of Stuarton’ – Nell for short) was good reason to go walking every day. Even after the dog passed-away, my mother and father found themselves addicted to walking and have kept it up into their very old age.


And that has passed on down to me – and I take credit for passing it on to Rochelle. If I don’t get my work-out in the gym every day, or go skiing or cycling – I go for a walk. In fact, you’ll often find me walking after a good day of skiing just to unwind and relax my muscles. Besides, walking is a great way to catch up with your significant other, get some fresh air and aerobic activity together while you chat about things – or just keep quiet and enjoy the scenery.


The beauties of walking for health are: 1) It’s free – well – maybe it wears your shoes out -,  2) It requires no special skills – anyone can do it,  3) Initially, walking requires no pre-determined level of fitness – start out slow and short distances – and build on that,  4) It is easy on the body – unlike the jarring to the knees, hips and spine of, say, running, 5) It is sociable – chat while you walk along, 6) It gets you fresh air in your lungs, 7) It requires no special gear or equipment or specific place (like a golf course or a ski hill).


Often, the best time to get a massage, is after a walk – when, bodily and mentally, you are relaxed and your muscles easily receive the massage therapist’s work.

Be well,


Hamish and Rochelle



Jackson Hole Moose – Love Them

Jackson Hole Moose –  Love Them


Who can resist a Jackson Hole moose – or a few of them? And no, the plural of Moose isn’t ‘Moosen’ – like Ox and Oxen – it’s simply ‘Moose’ or perhaps ‘More Moose’ – but I digress. Just out in this week’s Jackson Hole News and Guide is a report about encouraging numbers of moose in the Jackson Hole area right now – even after a particularly heavy winter, in which we had near record snows in February and we are currently at 144% of snow-pack for the time of year.


Since the 1980’s, moose numbers have declined precipitously – perhaps as much as 85% – so it’s encouraging when a recent moose count, provided by volunteers of Jackson Hole citizens in an overall effort of ‘nature-mapping’, showed an increase of 38 animals in the past year. The current number of moose counted in Jackson Hole was 275. These numbers were melded with numbers from ‘Moose Day’ – a different counting effort, also by volunteers, that took place on March 1st.

What is most important and encouraging is the ratio of calves to cows (the cow-calf ratio), which is currently a healthy 37 calves for every 100 cows. In 2008 it was just 15. However, this is just an encouraging blip in an overall downward trend…like a rainstorm in a long drought – so we have to continue to be concerned. (But, to be absolutely truthful and honest – moose are not indigenous to this area.)


Some would say that the decline in moose population is due to wolf predation. And that is true to some degree – wolves eat moose calves (as well as most other baby and young animals – especially elk), and adults when desperate.


But the wolves were introduced in 1995 and the moose population was in decline some years before that. The other moose-killer is humans in their automobiles, poaching – and habitat in decline. Addressing the last, biologists are also happy to report that willow habitats, aka Moose-brush, are looking healthy – and in better shape than surrounding areas to Jackson Hole. Read all about it at Jackson Hole’s Nature Mapping web site.


So come on to Jackson Hole to visit the moose. There are plenty of wildlife safari companies to take you an tours and, who knows, you might just see moose right in the middle of town. We’ve seen them right at the office of Massage professionals of Jackson Hole.

Jackson Hole moose in Jackson

Be well,

Hamish and Rochelle.




Hot Springs near Jackson Hole

Hot Springs near Jackson Hole

This is the third in a series of three articles about hot springs near Jackson Hole. Of course, ‘near’ is a relative term – so I’m talking about drives of ninety minutes or so from the town of Jackson, Wyoming. And this all started with the question: what do Jackson Hole Massage Professionals do during the off-seasons? – And just about any other local who gets to stick around for the slow times.

To find the third hot springs near Jackson Hole  we’re moving on to Granite Hot Springs

 Granite Hot Springs near Jackson Hole

– which is South of Jackson Hole off  Hoback Canyon on the way to Pinedale. It takes about 45 minutes to get to the Granite Creek Junction, deep within Hoback Canyon (Granite Creek is a tributary of the Hoback River). From the junction there, it’s ten miles east on a well-graded (mostly) dirt road to the hot springs. It’s a bumpy, dusty, stunningly beautiful drive up there – deep into the Gros Ventre Mountains which are massively high in the background behind the hot springs camp site. The camp site itself is lovely – not to do with the hot springs themselves…no – this just happens to be a Forest Service camp ground nearby – and it’s a great value at $14 per tent site. (Last time I looked.) Anyway – great spot of you’ve got a pop-up camper and want to spend some fun time in the out-doors, surrounded by Pine forest. In winter it’s a popular snow mobile destination – but in my view that kills the whole idea. It’s a long way on skate or classic Nordic touring skis – but do-able and the hot springs afterwards is a treat.  You don’t have to pay to go into the hot springs pool itself – there’s another hot spring in a rock wall and there are pools below to catch the hot water – which mixes with Granite Creek itself to cool it down. This is a neat spot because a major waterfall roars right beside you. Not bad for hot springs near Jackson Hole.

Image showing waterfall beside Granite Hotsprings

The hot springs pool is different from the other two mentioned. It’s completely open with just a short fence around it – and it’s curved outer wall hugs a mountain alcove – down whose slippery walls runs this steaming hot spring water.  Where the water falls into the pool – is where it is hot. The further you move away from the source of the spring – the cooler it gets. So it’s fun to cruise in and out of warm and cooler zones that circulate the pool. Right in against the cliff is where you hand out for warmth. There’s no specific temperature set for this pool as it is affected by snow-melt. The pool is an azure, milky blue and of course it’s just dreamy to be there like all the rest of them.

Image showing Granite hot springs 3

Be well,

Hamish and Rochelle



Jackson Hole Activities – Off Square Theater Company.

Jackson Hole Activities – Off Square Theater Company

Image showing Off Square Logo

Often utilizing the Black box theater at Jackson Hole’s Center for the Arts, the Off Square Theatre Company puts on truly ‘must-see’ productions for locals and visitors alike. Mainstream or quirky, for children, serious, whimsical, weird, off-the-cuff , musical and downright hilarious – but always, always professional – would describe the work produced by the Off Square Theatre Company. Their productions are usually showcased in either the ‘Black Box Theater’ or on the main stage at the Center Theater – both in Jackson’s stunning and up-to-the-minute Center for the Arts.

Image showing Jackson Off Square play group 1


A list of their recent productions should ‘set the scene’:

The Hound of the Baskervilles
Crime & Punishment
Thin Air Shakespeare
To Kill A Mockingbird
The Phantom Tollbooth

Image showing Jackson Off Square play group 2

Almost, Maine
God of Carnage
The 39 Steps

Image showing Jackson Off Square play group 3

Then of course there’s the downright goofy (but more brain-power than you might think) Laff Staff – Jackson Hole’s favorite ad-lib troupe. Their next show is at the Black Box Theatre on April 4th. More about them later…For all inquiries, contact the Jackson Hole Center for the Arts

Image showing Jackson Hole's Laff Staff


Be well,

Hamish and Rochelle.




Hot Springs near Jackson Hole (Part II)

Hot Springs near Jackson Hole (Part II) – Heise Hot Springs

Rochelle celebrated her birthday for the second year at Heise Hot Springs just last week.

image showing Heise Hot Springs

There were about sixteen of us (not all massage therapists) and we all made the pleasant drive over Teton Pass, then Pine Creek Pass (turn left in Victor, ID), past the ‘World-Famous’ Square Ice-Cream Store at the Swan Valley Junction.


Then it’s 30 minutes of driving through vast potato plantations and all the while alongside the mighty Snake River. So to put you better in the picture, it’s about 3/4 of the way to Idaho Falls from Jackson Hole – turn off the road (right) at a couple of large potato silos, drive a few miles towards the Snake River (delightfully, the hot springs are right on one of the Snake River braids) through small farming communities (Ririe) – and you’re there. Here’s a Google Map: 5116 E. Heise Rd., Ririe, ID 83443


The hot pools and buildings themselves are standard fare, though a handsome old two-story brick house with dormers dominates the scene. That’s where the owners live. There’s an open-air ‘warm’ swimming pool (92’F)- surrounded by walls to keep out the weather, and at one end of that, covered by a canopy, is the hot pool – kept at 104’F. We found this to be a delightful temperature to hang out in for half an hour at a time. These two pools are kept open all winter and it’s a wonderful way to spend a day when skiing just doesn’t sound that great and the longs months of winter in Jackson Hole are getting OLD.


If lazing around in warm or hot pools isn’t your ball of wax – and you have kids with you – then in the summer time there’s a whole plethora of activities: zip line, open air swimming pool (open only Memorial Day through Labor Day), flume, RV and camping, gorgeous park by the river with picnic tables and BBQ grills. When we were there, the willows overhanging the river were just coming into leaf – like in the photo here – and it was a beautiful scene.


– and there’s even golf. Pizza can be had at a basic small restaurant on site – and it’s nice to sit out there on their sheltered deck and watch the golfers coming in. But we were there just to ‘chill’ – or, I should say, warm up while we chilled – oh well…you know what I mean.

Next week…another hot springs near Jackson Hole – Granite Creek.

Be well,

Hamish and Rochelle




Hot Springs near Jackson Hole

Hot Springs near Jackson Hole

We’re deep in the off-season now in Jackson Hole. And the weather can be ‘iffy’. What do massage therapists and other seasonal workers in Jackson Hole do with themselves in the off-season? One of our favorite things  is to go to hot springs – all of which are about 90 minutes from Jackson.


Rochelle and I paid our first visit to Green Canyon Hot Springs recently, This is on the way to Rexburg, Idaho. To get to it from Jackson Hole, you have to drive over Teton Pass to Victor, north to Driggs and then towards Rexburg. The Green Canyon Hot Springs is about half-way between Driggs and Rexbuirg – four miles south at highway mile marker 116 on Hwy 33 in the northern foothills of the Big Hole mountains – which flank the western edge of Teton Valley, Idaho. I can’t believe I’ve lived in Jackson Hole for thirteen years and never been there before. It’s an absolute delight. There are two pools – one is an Olympic sized swimming / playing pool with temps of about 96’F, the other pool is pure relaxation with temps at about 105’F. These are fed from a spring that emerges from the ground at 115′. The hot springs have been run by the same family since 1953 – the present building was built in 1947. It’s definitely showing its age and needs some TLC – but then there’s just tons of character.


The hot pool area itself is what one might imagine as ‘Heaven’. It’s like a greenhouse and all painted a light blue. There’s a surreal feeling of peace and well-being. (Hence relevant to this massage blog.) The temperature of 105’F is a little much to stay in for long – but steps emerge from the pool and you can submerge yourself in there as little or as much as you like – and of course take a dip in the cooler pool when you need to. Speaking of which…there’s a ‘Plunge Pool’ at 55’F – quite a shocking quick dip in there will do much to cool you down, that’s for sure.


The drive to Green Canyon Hot Springs is really quite delightful – through potato fields that are typical of Idaho, it’s nice to see this way of life and the farms laid out. And the views of the Tetons on our return Journey towards the Teton Valley…stunning:



Overall, an afternoon there (or a day – take a picnic – or a couple of days – go camping with the kids) is relaxation defined. Ahhh…we love off-seasons on Jackson Hole.

Next week I’ll talk about the other two hot springs near Jackson Hole – Granite Creek, up Hoback Canyon, and Heise Hot Springs – also in Idaho but on the way to Idaho Falls.

Be well,


Rochelle and Hamish